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Decisions and Motherhood

Spurred by an intriguing piece of anecdotal evidence I received this morning and without having much scientific evidence to cover the topic: I thought I would hop on and wright a little about one of the most controversial aspects of motherhood: decision making. Being a pregnant or having a newborn means you will be makingContinue reading “Decisions and Motherhood”

Fiber Tries: What it Can Take to Vary your Day-To-Day Diet

So sorry for the delay in this post! I just got back from a trip to New York City with my boo and am playing catch up in my biology classes, but nevertheless I have been dying to get started! Okay so common knowledge is already floating around about moderation in our diets as aContinue reading “Fiber Tries: What it Can Take to Vary your Day-To-Day Diet”

Veggie Venture: Scratch, Veggie Super-Soup Recipe

Considering the weather in Allen, TX these last few months, I have been exploring delicious ways to bring warm, wholesome, packed with flu-fighting nutrients, veggie-filled dinners into my house that my boyfriend and I can enjoy again, and again. (YUM! to leftovers, YAY! to less food waste) Cooking Time: 1 hour to 1.5 hours IngredientContinue reading “Veggie Venture: Scratch, Veggie Super-Soup Recipe”