Sibling Services

More than a babysitter and different from a family member, a sibling doula may be just who you need to help your older child keep calm and confident before welcoming her baby brother or sister.

If you are looking for a meaningful way to introduce your older child or children to the new baby on the way, hiring a Sibling Doula may be a good choice for you.

Whether you decide that your oldest child(ren) will be at the birth or not; hiring a sibling doula will help them remain calm, excited, informed and included throughout the process–with the added benefit of knowing he/she or they are in good hands.

Pricing: $150.00 Retainer Fee
$15.00 Hourly Birth Support

The Sibling Package Includes:

•An informative play-date with you and the older child or children to introduce myself.
•Open communication at all times after hire; to ensure a seamless transition of care when labor starts.
•Two, 3 hour “parents-night-out” dates where I babysit the older children, before the new baby arrives. This helps to establish trust with the siblings and limit any potential stress during the birth.
•On-Call (24/7 availability), hourly sibling support during labor for the older child or children, as needed. Birth hours are billed after the new baby arrives and are due one week after the birth.

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