Bengkung Belly Binding

What is Belly Binding?

A Bengkung Bind, paired with Intentional breathing, is a great way to heal in early (or even later) postpartum because it allows you to do light movements; working your abdominal muscles while not allowing you to push your healing body too far.

Unbleached, Organic Muslin Cotton Bind
17 Yards
can be naturally dyed for color

Bengkung Belly Binding is the process of wrapping the belly and hips after birth to assist in recovery. Many women even use it to bring in their hips after birth.

Ayurvedic Warming Oils & Firming Pastes, are coupled with Binding to help increase blood-flow in the connective tissues of the belly which can:
•advance cell regeneration •release stored pregnancy fats that previously helped the woman carry in her pregnancy •assist in releasing water weight & air •create good posture and stability •improve and speeds the recovery of Diastasis Recti: the condition of separated abdominal muscles to make room for a baby during pregnancy.

Additionally, the hormone Relaxin is released during late pregnancy and is present in the early postpartum period. This hormone is utilized during belly binding for assistance in healing Diastasis Recti or for women who wish to bring their hips in after a pregnancy. Utilizing the Relaxin to your benefit, with the belly bind, can be tailored to your needs and is less complicated than many women think.

Belly Binding + Mother Blessing & Sealing Ceremony:

* A traditional Malayan Spa Soak Blend
* An optional Ayurvedic Sealing Ceremony that utilizes holistic medicine & healing practices
* Organic, all-natural Ayurvedic Warming Oil and Firming Paste to take home and use over the course of 1-2 weeks
* One Custom, unbleached and organic muslin cotton Bengkung Binding cloth
Can be dyed
*Belly Binding “How-To” Session

The Binding Cloth and “How-To” session can also be purchased alone:$75.00

What is a Sealing Ceremony?

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The tradition of sealing a mother after birth is used to honor her transition into motherhood and the strength she has within her. It uses Ayurvedic medicine (a holistic and herbal approach for healing) to warm the mother and restore her energies needed for motherhood. Birth is an opening experience and the sealing ceremony is intended to help the mother close off the raw and vulnerable time of childbirth thus promoting a speedy recovery.

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