Decisions and Motherhood

Spurred by an intriguing piece of anecdotal evidence I received this morning and without having much scientific evidence to cover the topic: I thought I would hop on and wright a little about one of the most controversial aspects of motherhood: decision making. Being a pregnant or having a newborn means you will be makingContinue reading “Decisions and Motherhood”

Want to Know What Success Looks Like?

I do not need to tell you that we live in a society that values success, I would even say, in my unprofessional but educated opinion, that it is normal to value success in a society. I bet you can think of at least a few success stories of your own or future goals youContinue reading “Want to Know What Success Looks Like?”

4 Cheese Cauliflower Casserole: LOADED (Veggie Style)

Quarantine calls for food experimentation! My boyfriend and I were craving a casserole so naturally I was excited to find a good recipe that was veggie style online and get to it! Finding something that sounded and looked delicious, that was also veggie, was not as easy as some other recipes, so I went toContinue reading “4 Cheese Cauliflower Casserole: LOADED (Veggie Style)”

Fiber Tries: What it Can Take to Vary your Day-To-Day Diet

So sorry for the delay in this post! I just got back from a trip to New York City with my boo and am playing catch up in my biology classes, but nevertheless I have been dying to get started! Okay so common knowledge is already floating around about moderation in our diets as aContinue reading “Fiber Tries: What it Can Take to Vary your Day-To-Day Diet”

Veggie Venture: Scratch, Veggie Super-Soup Recipe

Considering the weather in Allen, TX these last few months, I have been exploring delicious ways to bring warm, wholesome, packed with flu-fighting nutrients, veggie-filled dinners into my house that my boyfriend and I can enjoy again, and again. (YUM! to leftovers, YAY! to less food waste) Cooking Time: 1 hour to 1.5 hours IngredientContinue reading “Veggie Venture: Scratch, Veggie Super-Soup Recipe”

Meet your Birth Doula!

My name is Angelica or Angel, I’ve been working with children for 14 years and as a doula for 1. My philosophy for the work I do is to always be available, passionate, and willing for my clients. I am a lover at heart, a peace lover, someone who honors strength and what it takesContinue reading “Meet your Birth Doula!”

Whatever Your Plan

I love finding great articles that discuss a womans choice in birth! Check out this one on a Cescerean Birth Plan that a woman and her Birth Doula achieved together. 💗