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Fiber Tries: What it Can Take to Vary your Day-To-Day Diet

So sorry for the delay in this post! I just got back from a trip to New York City with my boo and am playing catch up in my biology classes, but nevertheless I have been dying to get started!

Okay so common knowledge is already floating around about moderation in our diets as a road-map to being healthy humans. My mom use to laugh and say “Everything in moderation!” anytime she was splurging and rightfully so! Science shows that having a balanced diet where we do not totally cut out our vices but instead plan for them within a healthy diet makes it easier to follow our diets in general. Occasional Oreos and Friday French Fries aside, lets talk about how having a high-fiber diet can help you feel even better about splurging on your cravings from time-to-time!

Background info on what exactly fiber is:

Fiber is a type of insoluble/soluble sugar found in cellulose: the metabolizing of the carbon-linked chains in the chemical makeup of these sugars is just simply not possible in the human body. When the diet has soluble fiber, it turns to a gel in the intestine and helps pick up cholesterol hanging out and removes it from the body; helping to lower your chances of heart disease. When insoluble fiber is in the diet, it gets tangled up in the intestines creating bulk and sweeping out the waste like your most favorite friend who always cleans when they come over (or in my case, a boyfriend who is in a good mood and helps me clean up after dinner) LOL!

SO! The take-away here is to consider lowering the calorie intake of those delish cravings- but don’t cut them out! And make sure your diet is as high as possible in soluble and insoluble fibers so your body doesn’t suffer from succumbing to those cravings (in moderation).

Here is a list of SUPER EASY snacks to whip up in 5-10 minutes that may even satisfy your cravings but also add healthy portions of fiber to your diet…

Celery & Chocolate Peanut Butter:
Grab a few stalks of celery and wash thoroughly: often dirt hides in the valleys of fiber so do a few passes using your fingers to clean out any earth residue.
Then cut the ugly ends off ( leaves, parts with little to no pigment) and segment into sections about 3 inches long.
Next simply grab a knife and spread the chocolate peanut butter (not Nutella) inside the hollow part of the stalks! Pack in Tupperware and take it with you on errands or to work for a quick and delicious snack mid-day!

Avocado Toast:
Another simple to make snack sized dish that can be eaten for breakfast and takes little time. Grab your Avocado, Lime Juice, Garlic and Onion Powders, Salt and Pepper and mash it all together in a bowl. Make sure to taste after each seasoning and go super easy on the salt.
The key next is to use a delicious whole grain bread, maybe you do not typically like these type of breads but the avocado spread is going to make it so much more exciting, I promise!
Fry up an egg and layer your toast like this: Toast, Avocado Spread, Egg & Voila! You could be a gourmet brunch chef (:

*** A healthy pregnancy diet includes an egg a day according to the renowned Dr. Brewer so do not skip this part if you can help it. Play with ways to cook it if you aren’t generally an egg eater:
Over Easy, Over Medium, Over Hard, Boiled. ***

Steamed Brocoli & Melted Cheddar:
This could be served with lunch, dinner or as a snack and is delicious! I love steamed broccoli because it is super flavorful and easy to eat but when fiber is heated up, it is denatured and not as effective so here is a tip to get extra extra benefits while still enjoying it cooked- Steam the broccoli, refrigerate until totally cooled, reheat and then enjoy! Even though it is cooked, by completely cooling it back down it does not matter if you reheat it, the fiber gets restored and some say it even gains more fiber. Cheese being an animal protein is a complete protein meaning all of the essential proteins are included in it. Dairy is also recommended for all people by the FDA and especially for expecting mothers by Dr. Brewer. The only other way to get complete proteins is through Soy Beans: commonly known as Edamame.

This one is super well known and obvious but seriously easy to achieve and exponentially healthy. Choose a granola low in sugar, mid-range in calories, and high in carbs for all the added benefits (and of course high in fiber, so less processed). Side note- you can make a delicious super healthy snack by making your own fruit parfait: Loose Granola, Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt with no or low added sugars, plus Organic Fruit equals easy and delicious probiotics/prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein etc. etc.

Lentils are something of a fad actually, mostly the people I know who actually know what they are think they are a bean others who know of it are generally vegetarian or vegan. They are actually a super great source of fiber and proteins though and are excellent ways to spice up fiber bowls. The best way to find a great fiber bowl is to go to and look through their recipes but here is one that already contains lentils that I have on my list of recipes for next week: These recipes take a bit longer but are great sources of nutrition!

A Few Delish Fiber Bowls:

As Always, With Love

Published by Angelica Dial

Birth Doula, business owner, nursing student, women's health activist and advocate, reader, & gardener.

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