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Meet your Birth Doula!

My name is Angelica or Angel, I’ve been working with children for 14 years and as a doula for 1. My philosophy for the work I do is to always be available, passionate, and willing for my clients. I am a lover at heart, a peace lover, someone who honors strength and what it takes to use it, and always open-minded.

Catch me in my free time playing with my animals, reading a book, gardening, or trying to find an artsy movie. I am a student of Women’s Health and approach my own wellness through the eyes of a naturalist, while still taking advantage of modern medicine when necessary. Yoga, to me, is more than poses; it is breath and mindfulness too. Learning the importance of keeping my breath and stay mindful was one of the most eye opening times of my life.

Reach out if you would like me to cover a particular topic of birth & postpartum!

Published by Angelica Dial

Birth Doula, business owner, nursing student, women's health activist and advocate, reader, & gardener.

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